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Cath Kidston employed AMI as the architect on their largest site in London, Piccadilly. The project required design feedback to CK  on the base build and an initial shop front concept with store layouts showing traffic flow.These were all submitted to Crown Estates of Westminster. The scope of works also included slab opening positions for stair and lift design . A construction package was produced and a proposal for shop front signage.

Scope of Works

The scope of works included; reviewing the architecture and external elevation, placing the entrance doors to suit circulation and site, looking at all slab openings, coordinating structural work with the landlord and the client’s engineers, specifying and providing detailing for all lifts and staircases.


AMI produced an internal layout to show how circulation relates to merchandise and customer service. Another part of the initial feasibility study and concept design addressed reviewing signage and access thresholds.

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